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Spearding the word of Allah SWT and teaching Quran to Muslim brothers and sisters is not only job to us, we see it in a different perspect, we take it as a worship, we know that the Quran teaching is way to get closer to Allah, we believe in teaching Quran correctly with Tajweed and spread message of Allah by teaching Quran and Tafsir online.
Quranio (Quran institute online) is an online Quran teaching school established to provide online Quran classes to Muslim brothers and sisters. Our goal is to teach the Holy Quran with tajweed the way it was revealed, With the help of our online Quran teachers you can learn Quran very fast. We provide a variety of Quran and Islamic Courses.

Online Quran Classes for Kids and Adults is a leading online Quran teaching academy for those who want to learn Quran and arabic.
Our courses are fully customizable according to your need and available for kids and adults both online.
We offer a couple of Quran and Arabic courses like learning to read the Quran, Quran memorization, translation, tafsir, fiqh, etc.
The Islamic education gives us guidance, happiness, fulfillment, and clarity, and most importantly it puts us on a righteous path. It is necessary for every Muslim to learn and understand the Quran. Our goal is to give students a chance, not only to read the Quran but also make them able to understand it.

Our Top Courses

We offer different online courses for Kids, sisters and brothers, which are given below.

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Learn Quran Online with Tajweed

Reciting the Quran is a task looked upon with the utmost respect by the Muslims and hence comes with extreme delicacy. Tajweed is the set of rules applied for the proper pronunciation of the Quran. It includes the different phonics of each letter and how they are pronounced in a word. A lot of practice is required to master Tajweed especially if Arabic is not your native language. Even if it is, now the dialects of Arabic differ so much from the time when the Quran was revealed therefore learning Quran online with Tajweed is an easy solution to something that is a must.
Add to that nowadays home tutoring is not a very secure method hence learning Quran online with Tajweed will help you feel safe and see that it is extremely user-friendly. Furthermore, people are moving away from properly learning the recitation of the Quran because of insufficient resources or rare personal tutors to come home. Learning Quran online here will help you perfect the art of Tajweed and allow you to cross all barriers enabling you to fully absorb the teachings of the Quran in a more realistic fashion.

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Start Learning Quran Correctly. Memorize Quran with Tajweed. Understand Quran with Tafsir.

Private Quran Tutors

We assign an expert dedicated Quran tutor online to a student, with private Quran tutor’s efforts you can learn Quran online faster with Tajweed and understand it.
Many students they can’t learn the Quran because of being a homemaker and a student at the same time is pretty tough or many reasons, but with efforts of our team and the way we reach out to students, who would want to learn the Quran, with proper tajweed and understanding, our class patterns i.e one on one interactive classes and the flexibility that is offerable.
Our male ad female Quran tutors are so friendly and we guarantee you would really enjoy the classes, Alhamdulillah
Our tutors don’t only focus on teaching you how to read Arabic, they also try to teach you the Quran with tajweed and help you understand the teachings of Quran as well.
Your private Quran teacher will only focus and pay attention to you during the class, it is a real-time one on one class, you can learn faster and better without any distraction.
For making it more effective we give the opportunity to contact your tutor via text/call anytime other than your class as well. We have a variety of online Islamic courses that can be customized as per your requirement,

Online Quran Classes education system gives you the power to have control over your understanding and a better grasp on the subject matter. Sometimes with the traditional in-class education you are hesitant to ask the questions you need to be asking and you end up confused and lagging behind the class. With us, there’s no humiliation factor, you can clear all your doubts by asking any question.

You can learn what exactly you want to study, with online Quran teaching academy there are no restrictions depending on what you want to learn, you simply select the subject and start learning Quran and other Islamic courses online after your classes have been scheduled. There is an infinite number of course combinations at Quranio, and your development is entirely in your hands.